The True Meaning of “Think Differently”: What Steve Jobs Meant…(And Our Purpose)


This blog is not going to teach you how to start a SaSS Enterprise Big Data company on the cloud. STOP biting trends and START creating them.

You never want to be the last person on a bandwagon, you want to be in front of the wagon blazing trails and leading the way. Everyone is unique and there’s a billion problems that no one has devloped a solution to even today. Do you have any annoying problems in your daily life? Yes! We all do! So go on and be the person that solves that problem for everyone, because you’re probably not the only one with it. This applies to non-tech companies as well. Not satisfied with the way your local bakery makes their cookies? Think they could be better? Well figure how to do cookies YOUR way and share that gift with the world!

(and always strive for a monopoly)



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