“Your toolbox for change.”

Thredd is a blog that only publishes posts that will inspire a positive change. Whether that be in your personal or professional life. Each post is a resource of guidance, a tool in your toolbox to improving yourself and/or improving the world around you. We only write posts that add value to our reader’s lives.

We’re made up of hard working people who want to spur the movement toward adding value to people’s lives, meaningful collaboration, innovation and lifelone learning. Thredd brings you posts and updates on breakthrough ideas, the best tools and priceless knowledge.

As the founder of Thredd, I couldn’t give you anything less than high quality content and information. We will never sell your information or endorse a product that we doesn’t represent our core values or present a significant benefit to our readers. I created this site to create a thredd that connects us all – pursuit of knowledge and purpose. This site is for people who want to change the world.

– Sonia Gibbs, Founder of Thredd

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